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Originally Posted by car-fan View Post

I knew what I was getting into when I placed an order for the GT. The cars were not even available at the dealers when I made my initial purchase - so I didn't have the benefit of huge discounts athough, this is BMW #7 for me owner loyalty didn't amount to much. Post delivery of the GT - 1 year later I am still very satisfied with my purchase. I didn't choose to lease as I planned on piling on miles - the GT is meant for eating up miles (lots of them). The restraints imposed by a 10k, 12k, or 36k mile lease were not for me. Resale was not a real concern either.

Since I am one for switching cars often, many of my friends made the statement "you're keeping this one right?" and I of course nodded with a smile. If reliablity holds, I am satisfied with the technology, the luxury, the performance. I am good for years to come.
When I say to my friends or family that this car might be a keeper - I get - they have heard this song before countless times. That being said, my affection for my GT continues to grow and I look forward to driving everyday - although I may add a 1M this summer. As to resale values - you might have noticed that my post on the F10 Forum was received with silence - I had anticipated the usual bashing. I think they must have been really surprised by the Kelly Blue Book trade in value numbers - I know I was. The sales manager at my dealership made an interesting point to me. He said the GT might follow the model of the 5 series touring - a real niche vehicle when new, but strongly in demand as a use car. 550i GT is a great car with an unanticipated bonus - good resale as of today.
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