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Originally Posted by ricks5series View Post
I've also cut the torx heads off two of the old head bolts and barely screwed them into the block where the dowel rings are. This will help me and my bro-in-law (hopefully he shows up tonight) guide the head down onto the block without disrupting the gasket too much.
When the head is down on the block, Ill simply unscrew the the studs and pull them out.
Good idea; but you might do a mock-up first... measure the total length of studs as they sit in the block now, from the deck (NOT top of dowel) to top of stud. Let's say you've got 3", duplicate that on the cyl head sitting on the workbench to make sure you have enough exposed stud to extract once the head is on the deck. It would really suck to have to have to stab that 60lb chunk of aluminum twice

I used an engine hoist to crane the thing in, and stabbed the head onto the deck with the exhaust manifolds installed. That was tricky... aligning the exhaust manifold collector studs with the exhaust pipes while aligning the head onto the deck. By myself
The method you're using is far safer, less risk of something going wrong. As it turns out, Papa's car is back to screamin' and running cool. Still, if I ever do another one of these, I'd follow the method you're following now.
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