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It bothers me that common but very important (to the OP anyway) questions like this get hit-or-miss answers wholly depending on who responds and how much time they wish to spend.

So, I wrote up my response above in order to accommodate all of your ideas.

I've added everything relevant said, so far, in this thread, so that we can re-use the answer in the future.

One question ... what is the situation with the 'other' E39 engines?

Is this table correct?
  • 1997-1998 6-cyl M52 engine: iron block, ferrous-liners?, aluminum head
  • 1999-2003 6-cyl M54 engine: aluminum block, non-ferrous liners, aluminum head
  • 1994-2005 8-cyl M62/S62 engine, aluminum block, non-ferrous liners, aluminum heads

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