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I have similar downshift issues, though I do not have reverse problems (yet). I bought my '03 (June manufacture date) 745Li at the end of December and paid the local BMW stealership to reprogram my car to the most current version of whatever (still learning the jargon). The downshift issue from 1 to 2 went away, but I still have a downshift jolt at other speeds and the same downshift issue when slowing. I also had the guibo joint replaced after the reprogramming and the issues remain. I really think it's a programming issue, though I'm not sure. There are posts here that recommend changing the "lifetime" tranny fluid which is a possible next step for me. I'm having trouble finding a place in Connecticut other than a stealership that will perform the service. There was a recent post ( that talks about a possible software fix/reset. I've ordered the cable on Ebay and tried downloading the software (ran into issues), but will try again when the cable arrives. Hopefully this will fix it. If I can solve the Logic 7 amp issues (fix or replace) and cure the downshift issue, I'll be in heaven. Hope this helps!

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