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2002 530i Blower Motor Install

The Blower is installed and all is well again. This job involves taking so many pieces out that it exceeded my memory ability. I made a few mistakes that cost me a couple hours.
You don't have to remove the Center consol at all for this job, only if you need to pull the Heater Core.
The release to pull out the center vent above the blower is unique to the 2002, at least it was unique to the pictures I found listed, and I will show a couple pictures so you know what to look for.
When you lift the dash pad there are two items to remove before it can be taken out. One a vent cable has to be released. Just trace it to its connection and release it. I found a long large flat blade screw driver made this job easy.
I took pictures of the wire path for the speedo to avoid guessing later.
Two, there is a wire harness that needs to be released, it attaches to the dash board and goes into the center consol. I looked and looked for a release. I finally found it wrapped in what looked like wool insulation, the connector was completley covered by glued on wool. Peel this apart and you can release this harness connector. I used a little black silicone to put this wool back on for the re install, it worked great.
A very small torx screw driver is needed for the Speedo cluster and the radio removal on the 2002 model year, it is not Allen heads as listed in the previous instructions for early E39s, and a torx bit does not work for the radio, it needs a screw driver type length on this Torx screw or you won't get it done. For the radio removal you really have to angle the Torx in to reach the release.
The previous posts helped very much but this is a very tedious job. I could go much faster the second time but I was very afraid of braking things and went slow.
Removing the Dash wood was scary, I had to pull really hard to pop these out. I found a trim remover helped as it put pressure on both sides of each pop in latch on this trim. Trim removers are flat and wide with a V in the middle to go around the part you are popping out so you support on both sides.
I had trouble getting a good shot of the release catch for removing the Center Duct.
If you reach into the center duct on the left side about 1/2 inch inside the duct where the drive rod comes in you will find a small hole, this hole allows you to push down the catch and release the center vent. It still takes a pretty good pull to separate them. Do this after releasing the two hold downs on either side of the center vent. A nail would work well to push this down and release the center vent from the vent control shaft.
While my wood was out I looked at the cracks, no new cracks after removal by the way. It looks like this could be refinished, the wood is not cracked just the finish has cracked, anybody try refinishing the wood? I have seen the posts that cover it with other materials.
I included several pictures of the center vent release hoping you do it in minutes while I wasted a couple hours before finding the little hole to press down on the release hook pictured. Again reach inside the center vent to access this small hole and push this release.

When you assemble the upper dash to the lower dash take your time and align carefully or it wont look right, I used my knee to lift the lower up while using one hand to push the top down and the other tightened the screws to get the look right. Yes, this did not happen on my first attempt but I got it looking good on the second.

Airbag Note: The 2002 Airbag is easy, after disconnecting the battery of course, pop the cover, it comes right off and nothing breaks, un screw the 4 hold down nuts lift it slightly and unplug the connector wire. A steel bracket will come off strapped to the airbag cover, take note of this bracket as you need to put it back in before bolting the airbag back in. I put a small amount of silicone in my 10mm socket to install these nuts, you don't want to drop them down into the dash at this point of your install. The silicone held well, I installed all 4 nuts and then wiped the excess out of my socket. I think this saved time. A magnetic socket could have done the same.

My door upright trim that goes above the dash and along the windshield had started to separate, unknown to me before removal. I had to glue the fabric back onto the trim before re-install. I used 3M tack adhesive. It worked great and fast, 30 seconds to install, waited another minute and was able to slide the parts back in.

I hope this helps you Blue Bee, you have helped so many on this forum.
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