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Originally Posted by MaziM3 View Post
Hey technic,

I've been researching on the Internet and I came across the Audiocontrol Lc6i.. Now I've seen some threads where people installed it.. Can you please explain to me what that is and what it does and if I even need it... Sorry if I'm asking so many questions, I just want to install my system the correct way the first time... Thanks
The LC6i is a line output converter (high to low level) and line driver (increases the amplitude of the low level signal) in one single box. It is not needed for a HiFi system as the OEM outputs are low level and 5V balanced standard.

If the idea is to replace the OEM amp with a more powerful aftermarket amplifier and still keep OEM speakers then the direct and best OEM amp replacement is the JL Audio XD600/6. No need of any device between this HiFi harness and the XD amp.
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