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Originally Posted by ricks5series View Post
Wow! Thats a lot to swallow. I will check but why would you think I'd have a spark issue since everything was fine before this project?
As for the injectors, I thought of sending them off to witchhunter performance to have them reconditioned for $19 each but decided to hold off for now. Too much into this as it is and where is the limit?
The gaskets set came with new O rings so I'll definitely replace them.
At best, I'll try that cleaning procedure you sent me awhile back.
Well you may not fix things back properly. You might overlook something. You might damage something along the way without realising it. Or something may have failed naturally. Doesn't matter, this is just a check, and since it takes just 5 minutes (10 minutes if you include the fuel rails) or less, i decided to suggest it to you. Ultimately, its easy to troubleshoot and replace things if its all out in the open like that.

Another thing.....why is the shaman sending fuel injectors to the witch hunter ? lol

Theres' no need to send your injectors to anyone for a rebuild if your engine was working fine before the head job and if you hadn't had any error codes for your injectors. Injectors are very hardy things. However, backflushing while the injector pintels are open is a good thing to do if you can.

Can you try cleaning them according to that you tube video? And if you like, and if new ones are dirt cheap, do change out the o-rings. Even that is not necessary if your inspection proves the current ones are satisfactory....


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