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sputters once its warmed up but idles just fine??????? WTF?

so i just picked up a 1994 BMW 318i and fixed the overheating problem with a simple thermostat replacement. i was stoked till i started driving it and once it warms up it sputters, spits, backfires and misfires like CRAZY!!! oddly enough though it idles like a dream. what in the world could be causing this??? i have already run seafoam through it and replaced all 4 spark plugs. no improvement at all. I got home from work today and started it up to pull it back in the garage to work on it and spun it around the block. when it is still cold it runs, accelerates, and everything perfect so i kept it running and let it get up to operating temperature and then i spun it around the block again and it ran horribly. is it the MAF sensor? O2 sensor? dirty intake manifold? PLEASE HELP!!!
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