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Originally Posted by jkjjpc View Post
We took delivery our new X3 28 yesterday and today I answered my own question from the prior post about whether the X5 bicycle carrier that fits into the tow slots on the back bumper would also fit the X3. The answer is "NO" since the tow slots on the X5 are spaced much wider than those on the X3, which is interesting considering that the new X3 is not that much narrower than the X5.

So, anyway, we're back to looking at options for carrying bicycles. We have a Thule hitch mount carrier that we could use, but so far there does not seem to be a trailer hitch for the new X3. Anyone have any updates on that?

I also see the roof mounted options. We had our new X3 equipped with the optional roof rails in case we need to go with a roof mount. Anyone have any experience with either the BMW bicycle lift or the BMW mountain bike mount? We would need to carry three bicycles, two adult and one kids for our 8 year old son.


PS - Our X3 38 is Jet Black with black leather interior. We optioned it with Premium, Technology, Cold Weather, Convenience, satellite radio, premium sound, and the roof rails. MSRP was $48,750. We paid $500 over invoice plus the MACO/training fees. We thought that was a good deal on such a new car. So far we love the new car. It replaced an 08 X5 and we're really enjoying the upgraded interior (we also have an 11 528i, so most of the interior is very similar) and tech features over the X5, but most importantly we're enjoying the much quieter and smoother ride. The steering is a bit light in the X3, but we're OK with that since we drive mainly in the city. The interior space outside the cargo area feels very similar to the X5 and the car feels much more responsive even though is has 20 fewer HP (I guess losing almost 1000 lbs makes a big difference).

Who did you get it from? I have been dealing with Passport and Russell. I tried once with VOB and walked out after 5 minutes with one sales goof.
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