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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
Hi Padre. How are you going to write up the section on common myths in Part 2? Will you be starting a new thread? May I suggest that you append your op with a section called Common Myths, right at the end after everything involving the E34 specifically? Then as the hive mind posts contributions in, it will make the weighty task of collating, filtering and updating the information easier.

At the end of your OP, i propose that you consider rounding off with a section on important threads. There, you can link Steve's thread. It will thus become indirectly sticky. Steve sir in your post as well it would be a good idea to link back to the Padre's thread with the appropriate heading. Thus, a person who comes upon one good thread, who, with sufficient time and food resources, will be able to sit for hours and essentially read through 80-90% of all the quality posts about the E34.

I feel that thread linkage is important because frequently, the back and forth nature of discussions is as valuable as the final conclusions. This thread linkage can also be a simple way to invoke full details for complicated procedures such as preloading, which would take too long to cover in brief writeups that are mean to be printed out and kept as a modern reference alongside the owner's manual.

I'm working on the engine additives. Chemistry isn't my strong suit but motors are I'll add to the brake lines.

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