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I also had tranny fluid leakage that was repaired at the dealership. The dealership basically did the the same repair work on my car as was done to yours, and i also had the same issue as you with the tranny kicking on the downshift when slowing down to a stop. Before I toke my car back to the dealership, after about a week, the kick smoothed out until it was almost unnoticeable. After taking my car back to dealer the SA said a bunch of BS about how smart and adaptive these transmissions are and that the car doesn't even go into first gear on the downshift while doing normal driving. I insisted that they take a look at it and the next day my SA called and said they found no issues. Two weeks and about 150 miles later and my gearshifts are as smooth as silk. Drive your car around and play with it a bit and it should smooth out.
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