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Over here, is some engine swap information (M52B20->M52B25) ...

Originally Posted by Takechan View Post
I'm in the middle of preparing for an engine swap (M52B20->M52B25).

As i'm going to replace the VCG (it's kinda leaky) i'm not sure if I should do this before or after i've swapped the engine. While it's easier before installing the new engine, i'm afraid the hoist if lifted from engine hook (near vanos) will stress the gasket/seal?

Oh and another thing, the rear diff is 3,46 now but the engine came from a 523 that supposed has 3,23 or in special cases (3,46) - what would it mean if I drove around with a 3,43 ratio (higher) than normal spec? I assume revs / speed will be unchanged?
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