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There are two sensors in the bellhousing.
One tells the computer where the crankshaft is positioned.
The Other tells the computer if and how fast the crankshaft is rotating.
Without this information, the computer will not switch on the fuel injectors.
The computer also needs healthy voltage or it will not work appropriately.

It is going to cost you some money to get it running.
It depends on how the car was stored.
Climate controlled storage is not so bad.
Storage outside or in a shed will not be so good.
The ignition system is powerful and usually robust, but the distributor cap and rotor need to be checked.
The fuel system will probably need to be flushed and new fuel, a new fuel filter will be needed.
The fuel injectors may be stuck shut as well.

If you are really lucky New fuel/fuel filter and a good battery may start the engine.
Someone needs to check the car over for Mice and rats, which chew through the wiring loom, consuming the insulation as food, nesting in the intake, and exhaust.

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