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Sun shade (visor) stuck inside top of X5

Originally Posted by bmwfactors View Post
Hi, please can anyone help? I have a 2004 X5 with an electric panoramic sunroof. The rear roof is faulty and only opens slightly but then doesn't close at all. This stops the front roof closing and I have to use the manual winding tool and then push the rear roof raising arms back manually to shut the roof. As soon as I touch any button for the roof it goes straight back to the same position. Any ideas please?? Many thanks.
Hi, I know this is an old issue at the forum, but I have the same problem except for the sun shade on my 04 X5 is stuck inside the roof, it will not pull back, with the summer coming up and 40+F sometimes in VA, I need to fix that since I do not wish to be toasted. Took it to an indi and was told they will need to take off the whole liner, three days and cost about $2500. I see here someone was saying it cost over $6K at the dealers. I feel it's got to be something more simple, like you can pull it out altho I tried that but it feels something holding it pretty firm. Anyone can help? Thanks!
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