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kids story

Originally Posted by ToolFan View Post
That is correct. In Europe, they can avoid a lot of taxes if the vehicle is of a certain age. Especially the Russian government, they have caught on to the imoprting of vehicles and raised taxes so they can make money on this too. Its amazing the difference in price from the US to Europe.
I had a customer sell his 2007 X5 3.0si with 47,000 miles in ot for $70,000 USD to a guy in Europe. A good way to get your money back! No depreciation! haha

- Look, are you Harry Potter ? If you will buy right now 2008 X5 3.0 and will be export to Russia or Europe yours profit is =$5,000 MAXIMUM. Its like if you sale on US market. 70,000$ - story 4 kids.
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