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This is a philosophical discussion (not a technical one) that has far reaching social implications.

Here's my new epiphany:
- Those in the first 'mind set' argue AGAINST all other mind sets.
- Those in the second 'mind set' don't disagree; but they find additional oils meeting the same criteria.
- Likewise, those in the third 'mind set' agree with everyone above & choose their own oils based on standard criteria.

The epiphany is that almost all the argument seems to be coming from those in the first philosophical category who, it seems, just can't stand the mind set of the other two philosophies.

That, it appears (to me, just now), is the fundamental reason for the 'endless oil' arguments!

The only way for the arguments to end is for the first mind set to destroy the other two mind sets (which isn't going to happen); so the first mind set will propagate the argument forever. The other two mind sets aren't doing the endless arguing.

This, I think, may be a fundamental philosophical insight.

Agree? Disagree? Add value?

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