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Originally Posted by WagonTheDog View Post
Ha, ask away

Aside from condensation following wet weather (fortunately not a big problem here in SoCal), the existing lenses are getting cloudy, and to keep them looking acceptable, I hit them with a buffing wheel and some Rain-X headlight restorer every couple of months. I've got to replace the self leveling actuators, so I was thinking about replacing the lenses at the same time. I kind of like the clear corners, and was going to get clear sides as well. I've grown fond of the look of my existing HID's and really have no desire to go all in on dealing with a full on conversion to the updated angel eyes, so... That's pretty much it... I figured on something like this, like you said, as long as it fits, how "bad" could they be...
I see how you can worry about the water in the headlamps, but I can assure that this is 100% curable. As I already explained to you I have been through the same mess, and have developed a solution to the problem. I am going to include a few pictures of my light before and after they were cleaned/ the installation of the angel eyes I was talking about.
You see, the water gets into the headlamps from two locations, only, I know all of this because I studied it for weeks at a time and disassembled my assembly so many times I could do it in under 30sec with my eyes closed. The first location is right on top of the actually assembly where the end of the hood meets the front corner of the assembly between the corner lights and the xenon/ high beams. Im speaking from a birds eye view with the hood open. You will notice, that the hood has two long "ducts" running along either side of it. Actually, these are a part of the car and not the hood, but they help keep the hood in place. With that said, they can be identified . These serve a double duty, because they not only hold the hood to the car, but catch the run off of water or liquid from the windshield. After traveling from the windshield to these ducts they reach at the top of the headlight, go around it, and exit through the beauty trim or piece under the headlight, which is the same color as the car. When the water travels from the windshield, it reaches on top of the headlight, and since BMW didnít seal them correctly and with the heal a brittleness of rubber, the water gets in. Also, the water settle under the beauty trim, and causes condensation , ( cold weather, hot engine , plus water ) or ( hot weather hot engine, plus water) . Just seal these off with the appropriate weather seal tape. I will make a PDF on this shortly.

In the PDF that I have made, You could see the procedure for taking the lens apart with pictures for every single thing in color and the lights themselves before and after. To clean them is also very simple. I took some UC- Ultimate compound- a pure polish like meguiars deep crystal, a wax like meguiars carnuba was, and turtle wax's headlight sealer spray. Using a clean foam applicator apply a nickel sized portion of the UC and work it in a vertical motion, the ling way of the lens from one side to the next, as if you were making a 180 degree line. Wipe with a quality Microfiber cloth only- preferable new , not the ones at the corner store or walmart either- and wipe the UC residue. After that apply three coats of the pure polish wiping the residue off each before starting the next. Then use the headlight sealer, provided you inspected the light for clarity , in a controlled environment. Avoid fans, wind, and dirt&debris, as these will not only scratch your lens, but attach to it. Then after waiting 12-24 hrs apply the wax.

I must say , to NEVER EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT CLEANING THE INSIDE AT ALL. !! All you will do is scratch the hell out of it, because it has no coating of protection, of any kind. I learned the hard way .

As you will see in the pictures I've attached my lights were dirty but have been cleaned the same way I told you. Now they're clean , crisp, and water free.

The one all the way to the left is after I cleaned it, but I didn't seal it , so I did it over again, and the other three are the end result ! Again, im gonna make a complete pdf on this aside from the one I already made on the actual angel eye installation. If any one wants to see it i'll give it to them.
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