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Choc milk coolant

Well it looks like my head gasket has gone. Found a large pool of light chocolate coloured fluid under the car. I was at the lights coming off the freeway when suddenly the coolant temp alarm went off. THe needle started heading for the redline. Usually if this happens if I rev the car the temp comes down. Usually this indicates to me to top up my coolant, when I do I don't have this problem. From some posts I have read today that alone indicates a head gasket problem with gas coming from the cylinders and creating a barrier between the thermostat and the coolant, until finally the coolant gets through to the thermostat, opens her up and all is good. However this time I was not so lucky. Fortunately there was a service station just of the lights. I stopped, popped the hood and saw copious amounts of light brown goop coming out the radiator cap... oh crap....
I only lived around the corner, so I let the car cool down, topped up the system with water and limped home.
Flushed the coolant system to see if it was a one off (wishful thinking) drove the car a signifcant distance to get some coolant and radiator flush. Got to the shops and all seemed well. Temp was good and no apparent lose of coolant. Drove home and temp remained good. "Cool" I thought. The I popped the hood again and once again brown goop. It was a smaller amount but still goop. So I flushed the system to no avail.
I noticed that whne running water through the radiator and I squeezed the upper radiator hose I noticed small light brown globules coming up from the little hole in the top of the radiator by thread.
Anyway, I have started to pull things apart and change the head gasket.
I will post photos as I go.
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