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In answer to your questions

1. Did you do any recent repair or servicing to your engine?
Was working on replacing the Relay Module as i have no power windows, central locking etc. at the moment. It is on order and waiting for delivery from U.S. So have been rumaging about the electrics etc.
I have a leaky sump gasket (or a leaky rear main seal - hope not), went to take the sump off the other day but was unable to get the bit that is attached to the bell housing off as I didn't have a Torx Sockect. Was able to get all but one off without the torx but will need the torx for the last one. So I had to tighten it all back up again. (am waiting for a torx socket to arrive on order)

2. Did you do anything out of the ordinary to cause this?
Nothing I can think of

3. What do you think is the cause of this problem?
I am assuming a headgasket. However I am uploading some pictures at the moment (will add another post shortly) that indicate some dodgy stuff going on around the inlet manifold and the thermostat housing. I will need others guidance for this.

4. Is there milkshake in your crankcase as well? Please check your dipstick.
Crankcase and tappets are clear of milkshake. They look OK. No residue on dipstick or oil cap etc.

Here is first photo
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