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Originally Posted by Scott ZHP
So my ZHP didn't come with bixenon lights and, after driving my wife's X5, I really wanted them. I've spent quite a bit of time and energy figuring out how to retrofit them - and get the bixenon shutters to actuate. To make a long story short, they are *finally* working.

I (we) owe a great deal of thanks to Bluer1. Without Cody's help mapping the facelifted LCM/light module pinouts - not to mention the endless photos and questions - I'd still be in the dark.

I have quite a bit of info to post, but to make a long story short, Bluer1/Cody and I have figured out how to retrofit working bixenon lights into cars originally equipped with H7 halogens. Yes, lots of folks have installed bixenon lights and coded the xenon lows to work, but getting the high beam/aka bixenon function to work has been elusive.

I will post a DIY with part numbers and photos when I get time, but all you need are ~$30 worth of parts and an hour or two of labor. The parts include a pair of plugs for the bixenon shutter sockets on the ballasts (61 13 8 365 348), a pair of contact leads for the same (61 13 0 006 665), 20 feet of wire, a 12V relay, (and a diode and a fuse if you are really anal). The halogen LCM/light control module is retained.

In a nutshell: After coding for bixenons, pushing the highbeam stalk forward sends +12v to pins 2/36 on the light module (pin 2 is left highbeam shutter, pin 36 is right). Connect pins 2/36 of the LCM to the center pin of the bixenon shutter plugs via a relay. The bixenon shutter is grounded through the lowbeam/xenon light wiring, so there is no need to route a seperate ground to the light (but you need one for the relay).

Thats it. I got mine working tonight, I just need to tidy up the wiring and find an inconspicous home for the relay.


Wow Scott,

Congrats! I know how long and hard you worked on getting the Bi Xenon shutter to open up! Can't wait for the DIY....hopefully even someone that's wire-phobic like myself can accomplish this!

Take care