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I say "Owner" cuz technically my bank owns it.

I got this beast back in September. It was a lazy Labor day off of work and I decided out of nowhere: "Imma go buy an M Coupe". I drove my 996TT down to a semi-reputable dealer and completed the transaction in one day. The hard part was agreeing on a price for that damn 996TT (attempts to sell it privately were futile, I blame the economy ).

So yeah, kinda a downgrade, but not really. The 996TT is insanely fast but I'm at -8 points on my license and "insanely fast" is a sure way to be commuting to work "insanely slow" on my bmx bike.

I'm going to dig a grave real quick and say I've never been extremely impressed or interested in BMWs, so I wasn't sure the M Coupe would do it for me. After the first test drive I knew I had to have one someday, good job BMW. This car is great fun to drive...blah blah everyone already knows how great it is so I won't go further.

The main reason I'm starting this thread is the damn CEL has a mind of it's own. I took it to a dealer and they said they fixed it with some flash upgrade. A week later and it came back. Then a few weeks later it goes away, then comes back, so on and so forth. Does anyone else have/had this issue? The main dealer is slightly out of my way so I hate making the trip there unless needed. I have tried disconnected the battery to no avail.

This car is a cop magnet. Pulled over 3 times in 2 months just after modifying the exhaust. I quickly went back to stock (boo boring stock exhaust sound). I might just go with an xpipe and call it a day ($750 for an xpipe? wth...).

Ok here's pics (I have since removed those ugly chrome thingy's on the front):

And what it replaced (feel free to ask questions about the 996tt):

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