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Originally Posted by jint View Post
the engineer is the man, it makes ALOT of sense what he concluded.
Hopefully, that means that he gets a free T shirt.

Dawntreader, you're also advised to change your timing belt and timing bearings along the way. So let see that's belts, manifold fuel and radiator hoses, radiator (automatics), brass bleed screw (new radiator will come with a new radiator cap so no need to purchase that separately), water pump, thermostat, timing belt, timing bearings, transmission fluid change x 2 or a full tranny flush, tranny gasket, tranny filter, 1-2 Tempsan original Tshirts. Its quite a shopping list and might take an entire day to execute but it should cost way way way less than a new old m20 engine and needless heartache etc. And as described before, its mostly in the category of a major engine tuneup so you won't feel too bad at the end of the day.

If you've already removed the cylinder head, then of course you'll need a new HG, intake manifold gaskets and new torx style head bolts (these are not the original head bolts that came with the engine, and a highly recommended replacement, pm me for further details if need be), but you'll be able to decarb your piston tops, combustion chamber, clean out your engine block's coolant passages, decarb your cylinder head fully, backflush your fuel injectors, etc....all of which will contribute to a substantially improved performance from it upon reassembly. This is another day's work at the minimum and might take two.

You'll also need to purchase a set of feeler gauges to regularly tune your car's valves/tappets/whatever can't remember. There are many good websites that describe the process of doing so for the m20 in painstaking detail. There are many excellent youtube videos that do the same as well, for the M20 engine in particular too. You need to sort this out along the way as well.

Take a day off from work on a Monday and you'll be able to settle the whole lot above from Friday night to Monday with a fine australian wine and a kangaroo burger on the grill thrown in.

If time permits, do document the process with your camera and post a writeup at some point.

Furthermore, please flush your engine, and switch to the correct 4-claw bosch iridium spark plugs for your car for better performance, longevity and fuel economy.

Please do update your thread constantly and good luck.

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