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Finally got the right connector for the compression test. Results are as follows:
Cylinder 1 - 165 - psi
Cylinder 2 - 155 - psi
Cylinder 3 - 150 - psi
Cylinder 4 - 140 - psi
Cylinder 5 - 180 - psi
Cylinder 6 - 140 - psi
They are all over the place and far too varied.
I have a large amount of oil coming out the back of the motor. Looks like a rear main seal, which would most likely mean I need a rear main bearing etc. Oil is coming down from inside the bell housing.
Cost to change rear main seal is $650
Similar cost for head gasket.
Need a new radiator. $450 new then add install cost.
Tranny to be flushed - unsure of cost
I put off removing the head until I had the compression test done.
Because of the low pressures, rear main seal and 380K on the clock I think a change in engine is best.
Will get the car transported to the mechanic, cheaper than me getting gaskets and new hoses to just to be able to drive it for them to then change it again.

So as a result, I will put in the new 2nd hand m20 motor that has done 141K
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