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Originally Posted by mazzellaak View Post
My son ran his 2001 528i with a cracked radiator and ended up with a blown head gasket and bad water pump.
This is so sad. It happens at least once a week judging from the posts we get (and you're not the first father to report that his son learned the hard lesson that the BMW cooling system is a time bomb that will ruin the engine pronto if not cared for).

- What to tell people who overheated their BMW E39 engine (1)

Originally Posted by mazzellaak View Post
Is there a market to sell a beemer with a bad engine? Or, is there a reliable place to try to buy a rebuilt engine?
A friendly suggestion, if you want to sell it to an enthusiast, call it a 'bimmer' because it's not a motorcycle.

- What is the difference between a bimmer and a beemer and, um, yeah, a beamer (1)

In the thread I referenced above, there are places listed which will sell a rebuilt engine for the E39. You might want to price it out.

Originally Posted by mazzellaak View Post
The car is currently in the Seattle area.
You can get the parts value and some reliable shops for advice from this link:

- BMWfans phantom diagrams (1) & realoem nominal prices by part number (1) & EACTuning prices by part number (1) labor rates by zip code (1) (2) (3) where to find a good mechanic (1) (2) joining BMWCCA (1) (2) & finding a reputable BMW indy in your area (1) (2) & the most often recommended parts suppliers (1)

Good luck. Let us know what you end up doing.
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