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petrol prices

Originally Posted by TxTaz View Post
I imagine I'll have a newer M6 before worrying about the tranny fluid.

Yeah, We are starting to frackture here in Texas. Between Texas and the upper mid states, we have twice the oil of all of the Middle Eastern countries combined. Something about some left footed, horny toads matting habits prevents us from drilling in the upper mid states. Want to see some pissed off tree huggers and horny toads...wait till the middle eastern supply runs dry.

There will be some technology advances, whether real or imagined that make drilling for oil environmentally safe. Therefore the politicians can please both sides. Then we get to charge $110 a barrel. And what would become of one of our dearest friends, OPEC.
The issue in the UK is that we pay nearly $9 per gallon of petrol and rising, (even taking into account the Imperial gallon to the American gallon which is slightly less)
So you can see we have to really love our 6 Series and at times get the 25mpg and 30+mpg when doing 80mph on the motorway and 18 mpg when really having some fun........which is the best lol
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