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Originally Posted by KHarney View Post
So a Few questions. How long does it take to clay a car (small one like an E93) ? And once done how much time do you have to get the polishing done ? And how long does the polishing take ? Where I am going with this is amd I better off doing like one small area like a roof and then polishing and completing it or say doing the clay the first weekend and then polishing the next weekend and then waxing the following .....
That depends on how contaminated your paint is. If it's heavily contaminated it will take longer to clay.
I did a first clay on my 2003 530 and it took about an hour. Second wash then dried and drove into the garage for an application of P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser (1-hr), then a final coat of Meguiar's #26 High Tech Yellow Wax (1-hr).

So, I'd say between 3 - 4 hrs at a good pace on a warm day where the water and treatments dry quickly. Probably best to go slowly at first until you get a feel for the clay process.

Good luck!
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