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Let's clear up some misconceptions in this thread :tsk:

Originally Posted by 02BMW530 View Post
You can, however, cut 100 plastic keys. These have no chips and only do one thing -
This is INCREDIBLY WRONG (sorry). The plastic wallet/spare keys as well as the other 3 available key types for your car has an EWS transponder chip inside it (remote, illuminated, & valet/service keys). Without the chip...the key has no way to start your car. The ISN (individual serial number) is required EVERY time you start your car...and the communication between the DME, EWS control module, Transmitter/Reciever (on older models), Ring Antenna, and the key must ALL communicate and identify that it has the same ISN as all the other EWS components.

Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
That's very interesting. We should all 'hide' a plastic key under our bumper (or wherever).

Do we have a good source for those plastic keys?
Sorry Bluebee...but the info that you read above is wrong...if you could buy a 100 plastic'd be stuck with a pile of useless keys.

Originally Posted by Jimmys 530i View Post
How about this, I will hook up my scanner to my 530i, and take a picture of the screen that shows how many keys are cut, and how many are left. It does not matter what type of coder you have, you cannot get around the DME not accepting the 11th key.
Originally Posted by Whorse View Post
And your right i was not thinking about how many keys can be accepted by the DME. Its funny though, if you get all 10 keys programmed in the DME then the repo guys cant take your car with the key method. lol still nothing stopping them from putting skates your car and getting it on a flatbed.
Jimmy & two are both kinda right. You both were really on different pages. Yes, he EWS control module can only accept information for 10 keys. Each key that is programmed into the EWS control module also has a unique "password" as well as the same ISN as all the other EWS components. This unique password assigned to each key allows it to be barred or unbarred if the key is lost or stolen then found. A lost or stolen key can be barred (for protection)...and if found, can be unbarred. This can be done for however many times required. But again, only 10 keys can be programmed into an EWS control module.

Now, on the other hand, there are some companies (one is in Canada and advertises heavily on some forums) and possibly some repo companies...that have aftermarket equipment that can retrieve the ISN & password info from EWS, and can copy that info into a new chip. Since the copied info is not NEW, but a copy of existing information...the key can work...fooling the EWS system into thinking that it is using one of the keys that's already been programmed into the EWS control module. So again, both of you were right, but just on different pages.

Originally Posted by E39 Paul View Post
hmmm ...try using a length of metal bar (like a coat hanger) and carefully pry top of drivers door ajar.
use metal bar to press boot release...presto you then have your keys.
Sorry...but that trick won't work either. Our cars have the ability to remove the trunk from the central locking system (that's why we have a valet key). If the trunk lock cylinder is in the horizontal position ( -- ) can only be opened with the key (manually or remotely). The trunk release button in the footwell nor the central lock system button on the center console will release the trunk. (this info is in your owners manual).

Also, if you've locked the car with the key (manually or remotely) the doors can't be opened from the inside...even when you pull twice on the interior door handles. This "double-locked" feature changes slightly with the 2000-up model years. They can be opened after pressing the center console unlock button and pulling twice on the door handles. The alarm will still go off, but the doors will open.

Note: interior trunk release button won't work if trunk has been "secured separately"

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