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Originally Posted by ProfessorCook View Post
"Gussied up" great TX phrase.

You know Kat, I bet you clean up real good.
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I guess so......when I want to.

Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
Kat, I can tell you that my car has passed Texas' inspection with aftermarket DEPO LED brake lights. At my next inspection my car will have DEPO LED brakes lights and Amber LED turn signals. It will have to pass, if for no other reason than that they look so dang good.

I was looking in my owner's manual last night trying to find specs on the bulbs used on my car. What I found was "Parking lamps, roadside parking lamps, 5 watt bulb, W 5 W". Is this what we are talking about? From the picture it looks like it must be. There are separate instructions and bulb types for the headlights, DRLs and turn signal lights.
Hey, thanks for the regarding your car passing Texas inspections with alterations. It widens the comfort zone tremendously - and yes, it's the DRLs that I am specifically planning on altering.

Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
Kat, have you looked at these? . Here's the Ebay search I did - http://motors****** - Bimmerfest is being weird - type ****** where the asterisks are. Or just do your own search. You don't need me to take hold your hand, do you?
I think I'm going to buy a set of these from the same seller -
Of course not. I've done some reading - there are a lot of aftermarket solutions out there with the price ranging from $20 to nearly $600.

These are similar to the Angel iBrights in that they are LEDs.

Originally Posted by BerfsBimmer View Post
A couple years ago, I bought a pair of GP Thunder 8500K for $16 + $5 shipping. They've served me well. The color output is much whiter than stock and more closely matches the HID xenons. They look great at night, dusk and dawn, but can look slightly washed out in full and direct sunlight. Thatís why I'm debating about getting the Weisslicht LED's.

As far as inspections go, I've never had any problem. If you think about it, how could they give you a hassle? Angel eyes are just DRL's which are not required by law anyway. In my iDrive, and I suppose the OBC stalk as well, you can choose whether enable or disable the DRL's all together.
Thanks for your comment about inspections - more evidence to make me move forward.

I've pretty much ruled out the GP Thunders now, based on real life commentary - and I appreciate that people have jumped in and expressed what they have and what their thoughts are after running with them for a while.

Here is the link to the M3 Post that really steered me toward the Angel ibrights.

On another thread GTwang posted a link to an E90 post thread that really was a great comparison between the different aftermarket solutions. If I can find his link I'll repost it here.

I went into this thinking I'd go with Weisslicht, I soon started thinking LUX would be better and now I'm really settling on the Angel iBright. (They aren't the cheapest solution, but if they do the job as well as the photographs I've seen - then I think I can be happy with them.
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