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Originally Posted by bobdmac View Post
Thanks for for the cross-reference, BB.
Thanks for noticing.

For every thread I ask a question on, I go to great pains to ensure there is a complete & comprehensive answer, which just gets better and better (over time), always aiming toward the goal (but never reaching) of having every single possible question answered. That takes a LOT of cross links because you want one place to find the answer, even if the answer is scattered all over the place.

The worst thing, to me, is when someone asks a common question, and the respondents are so jaded that the OP gets no response, or jokes, or half answers. Even worse, as it seems to have happened even in this thread, well-meaning people give WRONG answers.

In the end, everyone who asks this question finds out the right answer (if by no other reason than by trial and (expensive) error) ... so it's just wrong for them, once they find the answer, to not edify the rest of the team.

By way of example of how the process 'can' work when it's well honed, today someone asked the simple question:
- Belt tensioner hydraulic or mechanic ?

We pointed them here! And, that makes me feel good that the OP in that case has a ready-made answer, a one-stop-shopping combination of all our collective tribal experiences.

The OP's job, now, is to improve our collective knowledge ... any way he can (as we're always improving our tribal answers).
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