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Originally Posted by S4RIN View Post

Derrick from E92Lighting has amazing lighting products.

I bought 2 x GP Thunders 7500 and 2 x MTec 4500.

The GP's I installed for the Corona's, the MTec's for the Fog Lights.

MTec's are much brighter than the GP's, but both are equally as nice. They are a very economical solution $20 bucks to getting rid of the ugly amber Philips bulb.

If you are serious about LED's, then I would try to track down a unit similar to the ones found in the 2011 E93's. It'll probably cost a few hundred, as LED is more expensive than the H8 bulb replacements. Plus there is no plug and play with LED. You will have to remove your front wheels to install the full LED Unit (dont pay BMW to do this, because they charge an arm and a leg for manual labour).

Thanks for the input.

The Angel iBrights and LUX systems are LED, and they are more or less "plug and play". Also, I don't have a sedan. The Coupe and Cabrio headlights are accessed from the engine compartment, not the wheel well. I've ruled out the Halogen bulbs and have full intention of spending the $200-300 needed. And no worries, based on my reading my little fingers will be needed to get into the cramped confines of the headlight housing so I won't be taking it to the dealership to have these installed. I'm a DIY kind of gal.
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