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Where did you hear that the Vanos unit needs special oil? I have never heard any thing about that, and 20+ minutes of searching the interwebs has yielded didly, leading me to believe you are either entirely too trusting of what people tell you (not likely given your track record) or you just found a component which uses engine oil and made up a story about it needing special oil (if any one who knows their ass from a hole in the ground wants to correct me, please do so). Did you bother checking the label of this "some German brand" oil to see if it was in fact different in any way to what is available in the states?, googletranslate is an excellent tool to aid in this.

Wasn't the main reason you didn't install your performance chip that you couldn't find where to plug it in? .

I hate on people to need a good hatin', this I will admit freely.

True, you've not actually said that you're loaded, you just talk about ridiculously over priced maintenance or repairs that you could do if you needed too, say, as a result of finding the intake air temp sensor and installing your $70 resistor.

Your "awesome M3" really doesn't impress me very much, considering there are only three blurry as hell, probably cell phone, pictures of it. And it's sitting on ugly as sin, too big, chrome wheels.

My car on the other hand cost well under KBB, had a recently rebuilt tranny, and has an engine that has been taken care of since it was new, and still pulls as if it were.

The fact that you trashed a 3 series reflects much more poorly on you as a driver than on the car, any thing can be broken, but it takes a special kind of ignorance to break an M50 based engine, I assume the car you're referring to is the 328I in your profile album with two damaged valves, what did you do?, try engine breaking from 70 by putting it in 2nd at idle?.
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