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Originally Posted by Emission View Post
I had one for a full week in February. While the styling isn't exactly spectacular in my eyes, the engine (and exhaust note) changes the game. Nothing like a tuned 563 horsepower 6.2-liter V8 (MB calls it a 6.3-liter, but it is really 6208 cc). Step on the gas and it hunkers down and scooooots! It handles well too. Yes, it is a lot of fun to drive.

Of course, it gets TONS of looks and compliments. My son really enjoyed when we would pull into a strip mall/shopping center and open the gullwing doors in unison. Of all the cars I have had over the years, the SLS captured the most attention I spent more than an hour in a grocery store parking lot allowing people to sit in it and take pictures one afternoon.

I have a story about it coming up in Autoblog in a week or so.

(I took the pic in front of my house.)

- Mike
I saw one of these tooling through the parking lot not so long ago. It clearly is a LOOKER. I think the front is fantastic -- very aggressive and it has the exhaust note to back it up (even just slowly moving through the lot, can't imagine what it sounds like if you give it some throttle!) However, once the car passed and I saw the rear I was rather unimpressed. Styling is so subjective though and no need to mention that I would take one in a heartbeat if given the chance. What a vehicle.
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