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Originally Posted by Emission View Post
I drove the CTS-V Wagon (and Coupe, but it isn't in the story) at Laguna Seca in November:

If you can get past the interior (GM-ish), the mechanicals and underpinnings are superb. It is a great driver's car, in either transmission (I prefer the 6MT). Collectors... go grab a 6MT Wagon (very limited and rare).

- Mike

Thanks for the read.

I agree on the Recaros - they felt better to me (initially, anyway) than the sport seats in my E93. And an option on the 3.6DI.

Wife was concerned about complementary service - Cadillac now has it, and the dealership service dept. was open on Saturday which is a go/no go for me. The dealer is a multi-GM store, but they pointed out that the Caddys had their own service lanes and the techs were Caddy specific, supposedly no Buick/GMC/Chevy techs would be working on your car.

And the salesperson took great pains to explain that - at least, presently - Cadillac would not void warranties if the car was track bound. Of course, abuse - such as crash shifting a gear box - would not be covered, but otherwise Caddy was "encouraging" track days.
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