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Hi, David, WOW, you're in Mannheim; I know the autobahn very well, having lived in Stuttgart for 18 months years ago. Looks like you have higher octane choices than we have. Here in the east, we have 93; I know westward, it's only 91. I drove my Saab from central Florida to Phoenix, and noticed that the mileage was less with the 91 than 93. I didn't realize that the type of oil also affects the mileage. I haven't had to do a servicing yet, have about 4,000 miles on my MINI. Isn't the autobahn open speed limit? I remember doing 120 mph, but my ex did 140 mph, not klicks. That was in a big Cedes. Gas was 45 cents a gallon then. We weren't worried about mileage. lol
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