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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
An M3 is a midlife-poseurs car.

An Audi isn't a luxury car.

There is no "Sports Sedan". They're all Family Sedan's.

A Station Wagon can never be a "Sports" anything.

The average 3 Series is owned by a 47 year old woman. For every 22 year old male, there's a 70 year old woman too

An ///M Sport is a real M car sanctioned by BMW themselves.

My wife and I average $850,000 a year combined.

Leasing is smarter than owning, costs more in the long run.

You drive a BMW for the status. Deny it publicly all you want, but you know it's the truth.

Mr. & Mrs. Camry hate you and your BMW no matter how much of a "regular guy" you try to come across as.

BMW spent millions over several decades to create the perception of yuppie status. Don't fight it; embrace it.

There are no "performance enthusiasts". That's a savvy myth designed to make you feel less stupid for overpaying for an underfeatured car.

It doesn't matter that BMW's are taxi's in Germany. They're expensive luxury cars here where it counts.

Driving a diesel screams "I am poor" and covers the infant in the back seat in soot.

You drive an old used car bought with Bar Mitzvah money. You're not one of us.

300 HP engines mean nothing in a country with 65 MPH speed zones.

Dusting a minivan mom in a school zone doesn't make you cool.

Driving fast defeats the purpose of a BMW which gets it's kills standing perfectly still.

You're slipping BJ. You forgot the Rolex.
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