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After 11 1/2 years and just 77783 miles I replaced the radiator on my 2000 540i. It was weeping at the area marked in red on "bluebee's" diagram. I never could physically see a crack. Just when it got hot coolant seemed to magically seep through the plastic just above the left hose fitting about 1 inch towards the side. After looking at the $$$$ I replaced it with another Behr from Pelican parts. I was surprised to find that the manual tranny V8 uses the same rad as the sixes. I didn't need to pull the fan. The fan guard comes out vertically once you remove the hoses from the overflow tank. I couldn't believe the "crap" (leaves and every flying insect known to man)that came from between the radiator and the A/C condensor. About a 3 hour job at my geezer pace.
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