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I also looked for quite some time for an 05 with HUD, cold weather pkg, and sport pkg. when I found it, it had about 63k miles. I am almost at 80k, and with some preventative maint, I really haven't had terrible issues.

Around the 80k mark, I would expect perhaps a valve cover gasket change - which usually means the other is coming. Also, I replaced almost all of my hoses in the past year or so, as they were fairly inexpensive. Thermostat and sensors may also come up, and just be sure to check your fluids often at that mileage. There is a transmission seal that may need to be replaced and fluids replenished as well at this mileage - ignore any "lifetime" fluid claims. And now that I am thinking about it, reset the transmission when you get the car - it is very easy and is in various places here on the forums. Depending on the frequency of use on the car, a battery as well - since our car requires quite a bit of juice, and if it isn't driven often or left for a long period, it can degrade the battery to the point of general electronic malfunction.

Honestly, if it was well-maintained before, you really wont be able to predict anything earth-shattering - but my ownership experience has been great - and I am the 3rd owner. In fact, the second owner of my car I would say was borderline irresponsible with maintenance, but only owned if for 6 months.

Finally - if you don't have a dependable indy, GET ONE. It will save you thousands in the long run.

For most of the issues you run into, the community will be able to give you some insight and save you time & money - but no matter what, be prepared for the possibility of a few thousand $ in maint per year when out of warranty.

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