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This thread is NOT intended to be a CCV DIY; but for the record, it is nice to LIST the parts most often replaced by users performing a CCV system overhaul.

This parts list was compiled from the following sources:
Cold-weather CCV parts list for M54 from Mark at EACTuning
Generic CCV parts list first attempt by Bluebee
CCV parts list from Edgy36-39 in Fudman DIY
CCV parts list spreadsheet from VitaminXX
CCV parts list from Jason5driver (includes air distribution piece)
Parts list including CCV cold weather kit from rdl

Total $220 to $235 for the following 7 to 8 items:
- Parts required to be changed when replacing CCV
  1. Pressure regulating valve (insulated cold-weather version, 11617533400 = $66)
  2. Vent pipe (insulated cold-weather version, 11617533398 = $28)
  3. Connecting line (insulated cold-weather version, 11617533399 = $34)
  4. Vent hose (insulated cold-weather version, 11157532629 = $15)
  5. Return pipe (stock version is already insulated, 11617504536 = $34)
  6. Dipstick guide tube (redesigned version sans concentric rings, 11437531258 = $41)
  7. Dipstick guide tube lower o-ring (19.5x3mm, 11431740045 = $2)
  8. Vacuum hose black (not on all E39s = $15, e.g., not on the M54)
There is a 3-component 'cold weather CCV kit', PN 11617534237, (EAC Tuning $110, BMW Parts Source $93) which contains:
$66 Pressure regulating valve (cold weather version)
$34 Connecting line (cold weather version)
$15 Vent hose (cold weather version?)

Ancillary items to consider replacing when doing a CCV overhaul:
Set of six air distribution piece o-rings 7x3mm, PN 11617502761 $0.88 each (see reference here)
Set of six intake manifold profile gaskets PN 11611436631 $63.30 (see reference here & here & here)
Air distribution piece PN 11611440318 $58.23 (see reference here & here)
Throttle body housing gasket PN (see reference here)
Valve cover gasket PN (see reference here)

When ordering less than the full complement of hoses, keep in mind what rdl said over here:
The drain hose and drain in the dipstick guidetube were plugged solid. In my case, I was able to remove the drain hose from the dipstick guide tube while in place. I used a small screwdriver pushed into the slip joint & ran it all the way around the circumference to break adhesion, then pulled the hose up & off the guidetube. It was the only hose that didn't crumble when disturbed during CCV removal.
When deciding on the ancillary parts, keep in mind what Doru said here:
those 6 little O-rings go bad. Also the profile gaskets of the intake manifold start getting "cooked".
The distribution piece, If the car is not needed for 24 Hrs, "could" be cleaned. It is hard to clean the inside where all the gunk settles, you will need to let it rest, filled with some sort of solvents that will not damage the plastic. I believe Jason said the new distribution piece was significantly lighter than the old one due to all that gunk build-up. Bimmerfiver suggested "Simple green". Maybe if one would pour brake cleaner inside, it might do the trick as well. It has to be left with the solvent until it breaks the gunk and can be cleaned out. The 6 openings are very small for a mechanical cleaning, and even the chemical cleaning "might" not be efficient. That's why Jason just changed it out.

Tools required for a typical CCV overhaul:

T-40, T-27 & T-25 Torx
6mm, 10mm, & 13mm sockets
Ratchet -1/4" & 3/8"
Extension bars, various lengths - 1/4" & 3/8"
" drive handle
Small mirror (absolutely necessary!)
Assorted flat blade screw drivers in different lengths
Magnetic pick up tool (optional)
Small blade knife or cutter (for old hoses)

This is not a CCV DIY, but, it is nice to LIST the DIYs for future reference about CCV operation:

- DIY: Oil Line --> Vanos, CCV, ICV and Alternator Air Duct, by cn90
- CCV Replacement FYI - M54, by Jason5driver
- DIY: CCV Replacement on an M54 & Replacement of the CCV on M54, both by Fudman
- DIY: change of the CCV / Pressure regulating valve / oil separator, 99 528i, by aioros
- Crankcase/Oil Seperator (CCV) (M52), by jamesdc4
- CCV replacement tips, by RDL
- Detailed DIY for CVV Overhaul for the M52TU Motor, by Graham_E39_528i
- DIY Supplemental: Crankcase Vent (CCV) Replacement Notes and Photos (97 540i), by cerber
- Crankcase/Oil Seperator (CCV) (740i M62)
- 1998 528i CCV(Crankcase/Oil Seperator Fixed!!! w/Pics!!!, by jfive96

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