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Originally Posted by miles_trail View Post
So, can I ignore the section on tools?, I already have a torque wrench, and I've replaced tie rods with just basic tools, and from what I've heard there is no reason to replace just a ball joint, so if I just get my coil overs pre
assembled and get urethane bushings that don't have to be pressed in, can I just install it all my self and then drive slowly and carefully to a shop to get an alignment?.
More or less. I replaced my entire suspension using "basic" tools. Tools that I found helpful were a breaker bar, pry bar, mini-sledge, large rubber mallet, the biggest flat-blade screwdriver I could find, and the appropriate sockets and wrenches. Also, a large c-clamp with large fender washers will help you push in the halves of the poly RTABs (even though people often claim they can be pressed in by hand, they can sometimes need a bit of assistance - as was the case when I installed my RE poly RTABs). You'll want a hacksaw or sawzall for removing your old RTABs.

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