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Originally Posted by quackbury View Post
Dude, you need more toys. And I'm not necessarily talking Airstream. Someone on here posted pics of his D towing his race car. I forget who it is, but he's my hero. Another uses his D to tow his boat from CT to the Outer Banks.

Sure you could use an F350 SD to tow, but getting there ain't going to be even half the fun, and once you get where you're going, you're stuck riding in a pick'em-up.
Although youre being a complete douche in the other thread, I completely agree 100% with you here.

If I wanted to tow something simple as a pair of jet-skis, why the hell shouldnt I with this? You see all sorts of toys being towed by Mercs and Range Rovers. Cant say I would ever agree to hitch up a massive travel trailer or anything, but if someone wanted to the option should be there and look as well done and integrated as the rest of the vehicle.
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