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I don't want to drive a bus, that's why I went with the X5. However, I have 3 kids...having a 3rd row is what sold me on the X5. It's the ability to configure the car to whatever I need it to be in that moment. I looked at the Mercedes GL and the Lexus....they are ugly! I don't want a lot more room in the 3rd row, maybe a total of 6 inches. When you have the second row all the way forward, you gain a lot of room in the 3rd row, however the 2nd row leg room is then compromised. I do not need any more cargo room after the 3rd row, if I need more cargo space, I fold down the 3rd row. I don't want much bigger...just slightly bigger. I love the gas mileage, which a larger SUV can't compete with. I traded an H2 in for the X5 and the final decision to do this, even though the hummer was paid off and we weren't having any issues with it, was gas mileage & gas prices...which are only going to go up. I got the X5d and I love it. I would definitely buy a new one in several years, as long as I can fit kids back in the 3rd row. I don't need them to be comfortable as they wouldn't be back there for long, I just need a place to put them if I am driving my kids & their friends around. This is the ONLY BMW vehicle that I could have bought as it is the only one with enough seating. If they did away with the 3rd row, or did not make it slightly bigger....they are going to lose out on a lot of soccer moms! I realize that it is my price to pay as the mom of more than 2 kids, and as the one driving all the kids, that I have severerly limited myself on which vehicles I can drive. But damnit, I am young, cute and want a FUN car to drive! The X5 is fun for me! It's the closest I am going to get to a sports car until my kids start driving themselves!! So don't ask to do away with the 3rd mom's NEED this vehicle!!
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