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Sandbagging when you get an alignment. Yes, No & Why?

Sandbagging when you get an alignment. Yes, No & Why?

Some people say you have to sand bag your BMW to get an accurate alignment, others say it doesn't matter. Well that all depends on who sits in your car. If you are the only one in your car for more than 75% of the time and you have factory suspension & tire sizes, than no you don't need to sand bag it. 75lbs does not make enough difference to cause excessive tire wear. I know your thinking "75lbs"? Who weighs 75lbs? You split the weight… So if you wanted to do it anyway and you weigh 150lbs you would put a 75lb sandbag in the driver's seat. You also split the weight in tank. So you want a 1/2 tank of fuel. Now, on to the sandbagging.

When you do a sand-bag alignment, you want to set up your car the way it will be driven most of the time. You want to factor in how many people are in your car 75% of the time. We will pretend you have two people (including you) in your car most of the time.

1 - The first thing you do is only have the most common items in your trunk (the stuff you never take out).
2 - Make sure you have a 1/2 tank of fuel.
3 - Go off of your weight for all bags (avg is 150lbs). We have two people so we want two 75lb bags, one in each seat.

Now you have your car set up in the mid range of the average weight that it is driven most of the time. This is intended to give an even tire wear.

Now the question is "should I do it?"

If you have 15's - 16's tires on your car, then probably not. You have enough sidewall to compensate so you won't see much difference but it's your call.

Now if you running 17's - 18's or 19's like me then I do recommend it. The sidewall is low profile and very stiff not allowing much if any flex. This is when sandbagging can give you more of an even tread wear. At $200 - $400 dollars a tire you want to get as many miles as you can…

In the end it's your decision...
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