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Big thank you. I see the light now when my top is down

Hi All

I just wanted to give a big thank you to this forum and Shipkiller especially.

This forum had the problem with my top down pat. Previous owner let the drains clog, it filled the motor casing, motor dead (was so when I bought it)

I bought a new motor (thank you again for the recommendation) took it apart using the excellent instructions. Yep, all corroded. Replaced the motor, properly clean the drains, and now my top goes up and down. Dumb design though. I thought about relocating the motor, there seems to be enough cable, but decided to seal it well with RTV and install as normal. Whole job took maybe 3 hours and saved me $1,300!! It's not for the novice, but anyone mechanically inclined could do it. Your just have to be gentle with the trim and flexible.

I can see the light now.... and the sun, the wind, the freedom.....

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