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Radar Detector Hardwire Write up

Hello All! I have searched for a procedure to do this on my 2011 750 Li and have had no luck. Everybody has OK answers at best, and while my write up here is not the best I have seen, I think that it will get the job done for most.
I have to say that I did NOT want to go to the fuse box or the spare cigarette lighter under the passenger footwell. I have seen some people go that route, and while the fuesbox is the best hidden option, the spare lighter outlet looks like trouble to me, and was the least attractive option.
So let me begin by saying this, I tried as best as I could given the time I had and came up with a pretty good set up.
Step One - Over head center panel removal.
No trim removal tool will get this off. First you need to use some thing like a credit card to POP the black plastic ring from around the switches as shown below.

Next, there are TWO Torx screws that need to come out. They are T10 size TORX and are recessed up a bit.

OK... After you do this, the whole center console will lightly "pop" out. Nothing much really holding it here, but the wiring will keep it all together.

Step Two:
Once you get this far, you may want to consider taking out the sun roof motor as it really helps access. I tried going and testing the wires in the yellow box on the center panel. It was more difficult than it should have been and I had a hell of a time getting readings. My rule of thumb in BMW's is that wires with power are usually green. I have wired up my E70 X5 as well as my 997 Carrera S and have had no issues.
Do not use the wire bundles that I have Red arrows next to. I went with the wire bundle that has the green arrow in it and as luck would have it, I tried the green wire with a brownish stripe. Low and behold, I had power. It is a switched power source as well. The 7 lets the power linger a bit longer than my X5 so I didnt think this was a switched source, but it is! I used the hex nut next to this wire as my ground (10 mm hex). Everything checked out and I was good. So, now it was packing everything up and getting it to look good.
I had a difficult time getting it between the windshield and the roof liner. There is no good way to get through there, so I setteld on between the center console and roof liner, as nobody is going to see it any way.
I went with the super cup for my detector and while it may be a better connection to the glass, it sticks out way too far for my liking, forcing me to place the detector where I dont necessarily want it, but it should be ok. I have the original two-suction cup holder, and may switch to that if this still grates on me.

I hope this is helpful to you all and if anybody has any questions, please dont hesitate to PM or reply!
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