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Battery Charging

I am interested in this charging from under the hood or charging at the battery?
I don't mean directly across the terminals on the battery, but using the connections in the boot area. The terminal in the engine +ve (red) is wired directly to the battery with no intermediate connections or circuitry.
The -ve being the body connection. Therefore there is no difference between doing the charge at the battery as opposed to the battery +ve terminal under the hood. What difference the impedance of the cable ??????? don't think so !
BMW officially sell wiring kits which connect directly to the +ve terminal of the battery and the _ve or ground of the body. They have plug connectors which can be put into the rear internal boot sill to allow the charger to be plugged in as a matter of convenience without having to lift the floor carpet over the battery compartment.
The IBS is not impacted by charging at either location...... so why are people so intent on saying only charge at the terminals in the engine compartment............ sorry but it does not make technical sense ????????
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