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Originally Posted by david in german View Post
Yes, on my autobahn there is no limit (my Mini tops out at 150mph (gps checked) but I drive over 500 miles a week and I try anything I can to keep the costs down. As for what cars run better with each octane type, every car is different but rule of thumb is run the lowest octane your car can run without pinging or detonation.

With 4k miles you should have done the break in oil change. Metal particles= bad. I know it isn't covered in your free maintenance but for the break in oil change bite the bullet and pony up the cash yourself!
David, I can't thank you enough. I didn't know about the break in oil change. Silly me, I rely on salesmen/service people. I had some problems, such as it wasn't responding, not sluggish, but didn't have the same acceleration, nor slow up when I raised my foot off the gas. I called service, and they blew me off. I just called my salesman who suggested I take the car in, have them test drive it. Since I am having problems, they should do the oil change in case that may be causing them. Thank you again so much for the tip!
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