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Well its been a long while since i have updated this thread about my car. I did get around to fixing/replacing little things here and there that desperately needed attention and eventually got the car running. However when i took it around the block, it would hesitate and sort of miss up until about 2500rpm then it would accelerate normally. Pissed me off! So i started to try and track down what could be causing the problem.

While in the bay, i knew that there was caked on oil everywhere! And i do mean everywhere. How disgusting, so it started off with me just cleaning one wheel well to try and tidy things up, but then one thing led to another and now i have pulled the intake manifold off, pulled off all the accessory pumps and other misc things here and there. I swear the deeper i get into it the more stuff i find that is leaking or just plain old and brittle. The PO didnt take care of the car very well.

So my list at pelican parts has grown from a few items to many items with the bill well over a grand now. At the rate im going, i might end up doing a who rebuild as steve is doing now on his 325i.

I know you guys might wonder why im going through all the trouble for the lowly M10. Honestly, i just want to try and bring the car back as close to its original state as possible. So i can just DD it for awhile until i can save up some more money for future plans with it. I hate driving half working/sloppy looking cars in the first place. So here is my chance to "freshen" it up a bit. Im just replacing every seal and gasket i come across. Also some sensors have seen better days as well.

I will post some pictures of the filth up later tonight.

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