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For the record, someone today didn't know about this thread where there are PLENTY of alternatives for holding the waterpump bolts in place while removing the fan clutch nut:
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > tools for a new owner

Originally Posted by vclifford View Post
Hi,I am a new owner of a 2001 530i. I am planning to do a coolant system overhaul ... Do I need 32 mm wrench for fan clutch or a 32 mm socket mounted on 1/2" drive will do.

I will first try a screw driver for holding the waterpump from turning and then go for special tool
To help that OP out, I pointed him to this thread, which has many options, most of which are far better than using a screwdriver and "32mm socket" ... and all of which are far more likely to work!

Hopefully, that OP will do the job, and then write back here as to which tools he found best so that the NEXT person benefits, as always, from each of our repairs!
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