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Hi Steve Sir,

Yes it was a saga. Thank you for being open minded enough to try the methods suggested.

Would like to add the following comments.

1. If you feel justified, please add the words " EWS Delete / No-start problem finally solved - VERY LONG read " to your subject header. The heart of this problem's solution was deleting the ews system. This is not obvious from your subject headline and so those searching for it might miss it.

2. Second, I wish to add that once we determined that this was the ECU that was screwed, my first suggestion to Steve sir was to purchase an install an EWS delete chip, off ebay. Such chips uncode the ecu's built in software that demands a check with the EWS system, and also come with a performance enhancing map. So its a two in one solution. It should only cost $40 shipped off ebay from the chippers but at the time we searched for this it wasn't available. Turner MS sold one for like $400 with a 30 day money back guarantee. It is an easy process to swop out the stock chip with a new one.

3. Buying a new EWS delete chip would have still involved purchasing a new DME, but we could then purchase a new silver label dme which would have originally been EWS coded for a different car and which, without the delete chip, would require recoding by the dealer.

4. Steve decided on the red label DME because (a) it was cheaper overall to purchase a red label vanos 325/525 dme and just mess with the EWS systems's wiring than #3 above, (b) He did not want to experiment with a performance enhancing chip on his car from an unknown source.

In my opinion, I would have not gone this way. I would have gone for a good used silver label dme and bought an EWS delete chip with performance enhancement off ebay. These chips are clones anyway. This would have cost around $120 total, instead of the $60 that purchasing a red label dme alone came up to. My philosophy with these cars is to try to turn every major problem into an opportunity to upgrade the car somehow, along with fixing the original problem. IMO this turns a repair into an upgrade, is more emotionally satisfying both during and after the repair when the benefits of the upgrade are experienced, and worth spending more money on. You can fool yourself into thinking that "oh my car is not giving me problems, I'm just upgrading it" or something like that....well its an emotional trick certainly in order to feel less pissed off that your car has just screwed you but it works for me.

5. I noticed that Steve sir had a reluctance to try unconventional methods with his car (the EWS delete procedure is decidedly unconventional - in the nearly 2 years I've been on bimmerfest, I've not read one single post or thread on this subject till this one). This is understandable as oftentimes, trying something new with an old car creates additional problems. However, i would urge everyone to suppress the fear that the idea generates, grit your teeth and do research about the unconventional idea before you decide its not worth the trouble. Ultimately, that's what Steve did, and as a result (in purely dollar terms), he's spent something like $60 on the pure repair aspect of this problem, instead of something like $700 on a remanned dme, 2 hours of workshop time, and towing charges.

I would like to point out that mechanics themselves are the ones who REALLY do not like to try unconventional solutions, because they are such idiots and don't have the guts to take on potential liability issues. If I was in this situation and had towed the car to a workshop, they certainly wouldn't be telling me about EWS deletes and stuff. So really, in certain aspects, the car is better off in the hands of a skilled DIYer than a mechanic.

I wish to thank Steve for his patience with his car, and for his extensive and valuable writeup above. I feel it is important to read this to scrutinise and understand both the mechanical and the psychological elements of his experience. It would do us all a world of good to integrate this into our approach to our vehicle. Even those members who are skilled with their cars would find his writeup to be a very useful reminder of the correct method to use in troubleshooting and solving obvious and inobvious problems with the car.

Cheers ! And please let us know how your car is after you go on a WOT run

Oh yes Sir, I've heard that gasoline left standing in a fuel tank for months will separate out into different fractions and possibly lead to unpredictable effects on the system. May I suggest a full fillup with fresh gas together with an immediate diesel FI cleaning as well to be on the safe side? Rgds.

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