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Thanks Roberto for your continued support and suggestions. I knew there would be a couple of things I would forget. As you know well by now, I am very conservative by nature and it took a lot to for me to "step outside the box", but I'm glad I did.

Shortly after this response is posted, the thread title shall be changed per your excellent suggestion.

Roberto did suggest the EWS delete chip, but honestly I am wary of some items purchased from eBay such as electronic chips for $40. Roberto seems to be able to find these better than I anyway. Oh and BTW Roberto, silver label DME's are actually very rare. I never once saw one on CL and I don't recall seeing one on eBay the whole time I searched. If I had chosen to go the route of the silver label DME and delete chip combination, I would likely still be looking.

And Roberto, I am going to step outside of the box and do the diesel in the tank to help clear things up inside. So you see my friend, I can indeed step outside of my comfort zone, but my conservative side will not let me stray TOO far

Thanks for all of the nice feedback guys.

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